2 Plumbing Changes to Make During a Renovation

Residential plumbing in West Covina, CA by Top-rated Area PlumbersAre you renovating your home in the near future? If you’re making changes to an area of your home with existing plumbing like a bathroom, kitchen, bathroom, or unfinished basement, there are a couple of plumbing issues that you’ll want to address during the process.

Change Out Old Plumbing

Do you own an older home? Homes built several decades ago may be oozing charm, but the piping may be at risk of dripping water. Older homes tend to have water pipes made from ineffective material. Replacing these pipes to meet today’s standards can help you circumvent leaks and water damage. When plumbing is exposed during construction, ask a licensed plumber to inspect the pipes for signs of excessive wear and tear, deterioration, and other issues. Re-piping may not be exciting, but it will add value to your home and benefit your renovation.

Swap Out Old Fixtures

Are you updating a bathroom or adding a new one? Whether you’re giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint or repositioning its major components, consider modernizing old fixtures with newer energy-efficient ones. Energy-efficient bathroom fixtures likes sink and bathtub faucets, showerheads, and even toilets are more affordable than ever and have the ability to conserve thousands of gallons of water in a single year.

Shopping tip: Look for WaterSense fixtures that meet EPA standards for low-flow usage. These products do not reduce performance and you may even qualify for rebates or tax incentives. Give us a call! [insert company name] can help decide which fixtures meet this criterion.

These are only two of many plumbing changes you may want to think about when modernizing an existing area. For additional suggestions, give your friendly West Covina plumber a call prior to beginning your project. By talking with a plumber before you start your project, you can guarantee seamless design and usage and ensure that all current building code requirements are met.

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